GOB receives a state prize for its contribution to the Reserve of the Biosphere

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GOB has received a distinction from the Ministry of Ecological Transition for its contribution to the economic and social sustainability of the Reserve of the Biosphere of Menorca.

The resolution highlights the group’s society in Menorca (1450 members), for their participation in multiple conservation campaigns and in projects that affect the orientation of the economy towards sustainability, as well as the promotion of the Land Stewardship Scheme that includes 34 professional farms that have signed up agreements.

The awards assembly, offering prizes for environmental commitment for the Reserve of the Biosphere, analysed 112 candidates and finally conferred 17 distinctions.

In the case of Menorca, under the heading of Promotion of investigation and environmental education, the assembly also recognised the Menorca Institute of Studies – OBSAM (Menorca’s Socio-environmental Organisation) – as the driving force behind the Reserve of the Biosphere declaration and for its continued scientific research into indicators and monitoring of sustainability of the island.

Similarly, the Project Zero Plastic jointly promoted between Menorca and Lanzarote, by the scientific organization, Marine Science For Society, received a distinction.

This recognition at state level is received after 24 years of Menorca being a Reserve of the Biosphere. It adds to the international prizes that GOB received in the first years after the island was given the UNESCO status of Reserve of the Biosphere in 1997, as well as TUI International that wanted to recognise the positive activity of GOB for making it into a reality and not just an honorary title.