Hampers of Land Stewardship Scheme products

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For the Christmas Season we are selling gift baskets of local items, with the added value of being sustainably produced, going much further than our table. You can personalise the contents or choose one of the three options pictured above. They make a perfect choice for a healthy and natural gift that brings a closeness to friends, family or business.

Sharing the table, small gifts and presents are central to the Christmas Season. In fact, Christmas is a time when we can spend about 200 euros on food and 250 euros on presents. The problem is that the unbridled production and consumption of this time is often synonymous with pollution and over exploitation of resources.

It is important to remember that these options neither contaminate nor destroy nature and local economies. Quite the contrary. We find in these baskets, products cultivated in harmony with the environment, by local producers, through sustainable agrarian practices and sold with fair pricing by the farmers who care for the countryside and our food.

The decisions for buying, for both Christmas and every day, make a real impact on our health, the Menorcan landscape and the local island economy.

After two years of the pandemia, we have seen the importance of what can sustain one another, what things we can really do without and what we can get rid of. Without doubt, local foods and farming on the island have been essential parts for getting through this difficult time and are elements for a future that we want to see.

This Christmas is a good moment to ask ourselves: What are we buying? Who will benefit? Where and how is it produced?

If you would like to place your order for any of the hampers, or ask any questions, contact promocio@gobmenorca or phone 971 35 97 62. Also, you can go to the Molí del Rei (Camí des Castell, 53. Maó) or to our stall in the Cloisters Market of Maó.