Son Bou Hotels: urgent action taken despite opposing judicial report

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The Alaior Town Council hurriedly made a declaration for regrouping the plots of land for the Son Bou Hotels. They made it despite an unfavourable legal report.

It will be remembered that GOB asked to consult the file last spring. The formal request was registered on 29 March 2021. No reply was received and the request was repeated on 17 May 2021. The reply from the Town Council was to deny access to the documentation.

It is now known that on 7 April 2021 (in the middle of the requests from GOB) the government team decided to process urgently the request for a licence that had been presented by the promoter to separate and regroup the plots of land for the Hotels. They did this despite an oposing legal report.

According to the law, an urgent procedure may be made when for reasons of public interest it is advisable. It will be interesting to know what arguments the Town Council uses to allow the special process that reduces by half established deadlines for ordinary procedure.

It is necessary to ask what is in the public interest to facilitate the movement of plots that are aimed to legalise two hotels that represent one of the largest impacts on the Menorcan landscape opening in the summer for all-inclusive holidays.

It is also necessary to ask what is the urgency that makes a decision despite the opposing legal report? It is clear that political will is leading the procedure with a regime of deliberate obscurity.

GOB is preparing an Appeal against the licence.