Sustainable meat production for Christmas

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It is nearly Christmas and the time for celebrations around a well stocked table.

Buying direct from farmers, or through minimal marketing channels, are some of the most sustainable ways that can best help the island. From the Land Stewardship Scheme we are able to facilitate the procedure by promoting farm meat that is committed to sustainable production.

The produce for farms adhering to the programme is very diverse and many different types of meat are offered: beef, lamb, kid and pork. In the attached image is a list of some of the farms that have suitable meat for Christmas and how to contact them directly.

GOB promotes direct selling or short marketing channels, as a means for the survival and flexibility of the countryside and for maintaining fair pricing as much for the producers as for the consumers. In addition, it allows ties to be made between each other based on mutual knowledge.

The production of food is one of the factors that most contributes to our ecological footprint, and is about a quarter of the total, of which meat is the greater part.

Luckily, not all production methods have the same impact on resources and pollution. Together with Global Footprint Network

an organisation that specialises in the calculation of the ecological footprint, a study was carried out on beef produced in the farms of the Land Stewardship Scheme in Menorca and this had an ecological footprint of 60% less than the average meat produced in Spain.

For this reason, we invite you to be conscientious in your buying and opt, for Christmas and every day, products that come from farms that respect nature and are adherents to the Land Stewardship Scheme.

If you want to know more about the Land Stewardship Scheme, then watch this short video clip that gives a graphic explanation ( Video )