Cardboard cup

Happy Fiestas…with cardboard glasses

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A great deal of rubbish is generated during each of the local fiestas, especially by drinking vessels left on the streets. It is now obligatory for the bars in Ciutadella to serve drinks in cardboard cups.

The huge quantity of plastic left on the ground after each day of the fiestas is collected and taken to the Milà garbage dump where it can accumulate and remain for ever. The only way to minimise this is to try to make most of what is jettisoned biodegradable. This is the reason that it is important for bars to serve drinks in cardboard.

When it comes to smaller parties, or when having a few visitors at home to eat outside, it is possible to use a slightly stronger material, such as rigid plastic that can be washed and used indefinitely. Rigid plastic containers, however, are prohibited at fiestas for security reasons.

There are now by-laws in Ciutadella and Mahon obliging establishments to serve drinks in cardboard glasses. Plastic glasses, as well as being obviously more polluting, are also more dangerous for the horses as they can slip easily when they tread on them.

The public can play a responsible role by drinking only at bars which do not serve anything using plastic. We trust that all the Minorcan town halls will make a commitment to reduce the incompatibility of a fiesta with a ground left full of plastic.

Cardboard cup
Cardboard cup