Innovative Projects to be discussed at the Ateneu

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Starting on Thursday 3 February is a new series of round table discussion organised by the Maó Ateneu and GOB with the help of the Menorca Preservation Fund. On Thursday we will focus on publicizing innovative projects that aim to raise European Next Generation funds for their execution. These are ideas that can become opportunities in the future for Menorca, opening new economic development lines that can be important both from a social and environmental point of view. The discussions can be attended in person at the Ateneu or can be followed through you tube

The first session this Thursday will be centred on three technology innovation projects. Each project will be presented briefly by the person responsible for the initiative, with the idea of generating a debate afterwards between the attendees. The projects to be discussed in this first session will be Technological Hub with Positive Effects, presented by Marcos Martin, I-Doc, office without paper documents by ARTIEM, and Precision Agriculture with drones, by Specralgeo.

There will be five sessions altogether on Thursdays at 8 pm, on 3, 10, 17 and 24 February and 3 March. See below for the full programme.

At the moment, with so much uncertainty at all levels because of the multiple problems we are experiencing, involving health, social structuring, economy and the environment, we think that these round table discussions will show how in Menorca there are people, businesses and entities involved in producing positive outcomes. These are aimed at overcoming outdated and harmful methods, and emphasising ways towards an eco-social economy taking into account environmental sustainability. It is often said that Menorca has an entrepreneurial society that includes pioneers in different areas. It is now necessary that we strive to show that this is really the case and that we are capable of going forward together with enthusiasm towards a society that knows how to deal adequately with future challenges.