Santa Cecília joins the Land Stewardship Scheme

Santa Cecília joins the Land Stewardship Scheme

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Another agricultural farm in Menorca has started along its path of change to look for the viability of different products with a commitment to the environment. In the last few days they have signed the agreement made between owners, farmers and GOB.

The property of Santa Cecília has 100 hectars, of which 40 are forest and the rest are cultivated fields surrounded by stone walls that are part of the mosaic of Menorcan countryside. In the new journey on which the farmers have now started, there will be a gradual replacement of the Frisian cows by the red autochthonous ones of Menorca, and they will gain the certificate of ecological farming.

This autumn they will start seeding the fields where they want to combine cereals and vegetables adapted to the island. There will also be a small market garden, made on permaculture lines and, in the near future, they will also have ecologically produced sausages and eggs.

One of the first initiatives that they have taken on from the Land Stewardship Scheme has been the analysis of the soil. Some fields appear to have been very over used and with very little organic matter, so these require regenerative farming practices.

The Land Stewardship Scheme aims to combine economic viability of farming with the conservation of the special environmental values of the Menorcan countryside. With the addition of Santa Cecília, there are now more than 30 farms signed up to the scheme, and they receive advice, training, volunteer helpers, product promotion and support when needing help.