Series of debates in February and March

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Last Friday was the start of a new series of round table talks dedicated to innovatory projects in Menorca. They are organized by the Ateneu in Mahon and GOB with the collaboration of the Menorca Preservation Fund. They can be followed by video conferencing. The first one was on Friday dealing with the problem of rubbish and was titled “Collection and processing of domestic rubbish in Menorca”.

We live in an era of many problems, but in the middle of so many challenges and uncertainties, we have glimpses on how difficulties can be the motor for social improvement. In Menorca things are moving. This series of round table discussions is aimed at giving the opportunity to know about some of the innovative projects for the island and to have the opportunity to have a dialogue with some of the people that they have motivated. The speakers will explain their vision briefly and then open a debate between those attending.

It is hoped that 2021 is the year in which significant advances are made in the reduction, improved collection, and processing of urban rubbish. A new law concerning rubbish will take effect in the Balearics. Menorca has a new planning director for the sector of prevention and managing the rubbish, the Milan plant has been improved, some town councils have started to organise door to door collection of household rubbish… Domestic rubbish was the theme of the first round table talk last Friday participated by Conxa Juanola, as the First Deputy Mayor of Mahon Town Council for Culture and Environment, Eva Yáñez, technician from the Menorca Waste Consortium, and Sonia Sans, the Environmental Technician of the Mahon Town Council. It was accompanied by those who had participated by videoconferencing.

The series will continue with round tables on Fridays at 8.00 pm.

Friday 19 February: Menorca Region of European Gastronomy 2022

  • Borja Matoses, food critic and consultant. Ambassador for the Menorca Region of European Gastronomy 2022.
  • Luisa Coll Hellyer, coordinator of the Menorca Region of European Gastronomy 2022.

Friday 26 February: The Future of transport in Menorca using renewable energy

  • Lucas Casasnovas, SEAT Manager for Urban Transport.
  • A representative of the Consell Insular of Menorca.

Friday 5 March: Examples of public involvement in the recovery of the Menorcan coast

  • Víctor Carretero, coordinator of the Program for Adopting Sections of the Coast.
  • Gabriel Pons, of Viajes Magon as a company involved in the program.
  • Melody Brown Fisas, as an individual participant.

The round table discussions are accessible online at Ateneu de Maó Youtube channel.