Agreement between Menorca preservation Fund and GOB

Support agricultural and environmental diversification

Planting productive trees in different farms, as well as restoring the cattle drinking troughs and adapting them for wild animals, are some of the items contained in the agreement between the Menorca Preservation Fund and GOB.

The Director of the Foundation, Rebecca Morris, and the President of GOB, Carlos Coll, have formally signed the grant that will allow the planting of 80 fruit trees on 7 farms that are part of the Land Stewardship Scheme. Additional support, this year, comes from La Caixa and Pou Nou, who help with agricultural diversification of products grown with crops cultivated on the same land.

Different varieties of local figs, pomegranate, almond, cherry, apricot and carob trees help to generate new sustainable local products.

The agreement also covers some activities concerned with water, such as the restoration of some old cattle drinking troughs that can be adapted for wild life, and meters installed so that the farmers know their water consumption both from wells as well as from cisterns.

These are activities that are part of the Land Stewardship programme initiated by GOB, Menorca, which aims to help the economic viability of those professional farms committed to environmental conservation of the land they manage.