The Binibò Farm incorporated into the Land Stewardship Scheme

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The network of those farms that are part of the Land Stewardship Scheme has increased with the incorporation of the Binibò Farm situated to the south of Ciutadella. With some 10 hectares of land, the principal production is from the orchard, a sector rather underrepresented in Menorca (the Island imports 90% of what is consumed from orchard and kitchen gardens). Some fruit trees and areas with flowers with a potential for honey production have been planted.

Agriculture being developed on this farm is compatible with the values of conservation and respect for the environment, the objectives that are shared by the farm management and GOB and formalized by signing up to the Land Stewardship agreement.

Through selling direct to the public, one day a week, the farm offers its own fresh seasonal products from local varieties to the client. In addition, it regularly organises tastings of food made with ingredients produced on the farm, to show different ways of cooking them. In this way, as well as the food, clients take away a good experience and ideas for cooking in their own kitchens.

On this farm, an interesting new initiative with the Land Stewardship Scheme has been to sign up to a “Hort de Temps”. This agreement allows a person, a GOB volunteer, to have an area available for the volunteer to grow food according to ecological criteria for his or her own use in exchange for giving time to help in the programme of activities on the farm. This is a mutually beneficial arrangement.

Increasing the production of the orchard and kitchen gardens, introducing more local varieties and improving its commercialisation are some of the challenges being undertaken at Binibò.