Wednesday 22 September: discussion on tourist overcrowding

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GOB is organizing an event for giving an information report and for a discussion on tourist overcrowding in Menorca, its origins and potential solutions.

It is an opportunity to analyse the available data and to be able to understand better the problems and consequences of extra numbers of people, vehicles and boats to the island.

There are different measures that could be taken that would remedy a good number of the problems and, at the same time, improve the economic effects of tourism. Menorca needs to find solutions to the complaints and the object of this session is to be able to consider them collectively.

The session will be open until full capacity is reached. Due to Covid regulations it is necessary to make a prior registration by clicking here

It will take place in the Cloister of Sant Francesc (Pla des Monestir, Mahon) at 7.30 pm

Depending on how the pandemic evolves, next summer’s tourism to Menorca will include the visitors from the Peninsular and the French who came this year then there will be the addition of the British and German all-inclusive tourists who did not come this year. The task of regulating the numbers must begin now.