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Training to become a volunteer to look after orphaned chicks

The Centre for the Recuperation of Wild Animals requires help to look after the enormous quantity of chicks that are brought to us at this time of year. We are looking for volunteers able to care for these animals. For this reason, we have organised training in Ciutadella on Thursday 19 May (there was one in Mahon on Tuesday 17) for anyone interested and able to help us. Continue reading Training to become a volunteer to look after orphaned chicks

We receive recognition for our contribution to the socioeconomic development of Menorca

The Secretary of the Spanish Committee of the MAB Programme (Man and the Biosphere Programme launched by UNESCO in 1971), Jose Cantos, recently gave us a diploma awarded for GOB’s contribution to the Sustainable Socioeconomic Development of Menorca. It was recorded in the Reserve of the Biosphere Recognitions for Environmental Commitment granted by the Autonomous Agency of National Parks of the Ministry of Ecological Transition.

GOB has received this award “for its participation in multiple sustainable social and economic development projects, in which the Land Stewardship Scheme stands out”. The resolution highlights the large number of people associated with GOB (1,450 members), their participation in many conservation campaigns and in projects that focus on orienting the economy toward sustainability, as well as for the promotion of the Land Stewardship Scheme that includes 34 agricultural farms signed up to the agreement.

The selection of awards for environmental commitment in the Biosphere Reserves analysed 112 candidates and finally granted 17 distinctions. In the case of Menorca, under the heading of Promotion of Environmental Research and Education, the Institute of Menorcan Scientific Studies – OBSAM – was recognised as the driving force behind the declaration of the Reserve of the Biosphere in Menorca and for its scientific monitoring of sustainability indicators.

This recognition at a state level has been received 24 years after Menorca became a Reserve of the Biosphere, and adds to the international prize that GOB received in those first years. That award was given in 1997, by TUI International that wanted to honour the active contribution by GOB for making the Reserve of the Biosphere a reality and not just an honorific title.

New marine economy: conference 12 and 13 May

Algies, plankton or gluten free cereals produced by a marine plant are part of the sea garden promoted by Angel Leon, chef of the three star restaurant Aponiente in Cadiz. The biologist who advises him in the search and management of species, Juan Martin, will explain his expertise at the conference taking place on 12 and 13 May, with particularly interesting presentations. Continue reading New marine economy: conference 12 and 13 May

Monday 11 April, attend a Plenary Session of the Law of the Reserve

GOB invites you to attend an Extraordinary Plenary session on the Law of the Biosphere Reserve that will take place on Monday 11 April at 10.00 am at the Consell Insular (Local Governing Council) in Maó.

Despite the fact that the time does not suit those with working hours, GOB encourages everyone who can to be present during the discussion and for voting on this interesting proposal of a legislative text that can help to consolidate Menorca’s commitment to sustainability.

The proposed Law, which has come about after two years of procedures and public exposure, includes issues such as water resources, coastal marine waters, the possibility of limiting the influx of motor vehicles, the decarbonisation strategy of the island, the quality of the air, environmental criteria for public contracts, management of forestry and biodiversity, among other things.

With the approval of the Plenary Session, scheduled for this coming Monday, the Consell Insular exercises the capacity for legislative initiative for the second time. (The first time was for the Camí de Cavalls Law.) The proposal is then passed on to Parliament, where it will be discussed by certain parliamentary groups.