Red kite electrocuted by a non-isolated pylon

Petition to Endesa to stop the electrocution of birds

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Each year dead wild birds are found at the base of some electric pylons. In particular, their design means that certain important birds are electrocuted when they perch on them. For the last twenty years, the Gesa-Endesa-Enel Company has known of the problem as well as the inexpensive way to solve it either by insulating the cables or by making a small change in the design of pylons. The profits of Endesa for 2015 rose to over 1,000 million euros.

We are asking people to send an email with a petition to Endesa to assume their responsibility. By raising many voices we could make it possible that the problem of the electrocution of birds will be solved on the island.

Here you can sign the petition, which says:

To The Gesa-Endesa-Enel Company

This petition is being made to ask that you solve the problem of electric pylons whose highly dangerous designs result in birds being electrocuted.

Each year a number of different examples of wild birds die unnecessarily because some pylons situated in the middle of the rural countryside of the island and which are the property of your company, electrocute animals which perch on them. Many are protected species and there is little possibility of recovering their numbers if the problem persists.

The solution, either by insulating the cables of by changing the design, is easy. It is well within the scope of a company which annually declares hundreds or thousands of millions of euros in profits and is essential for keeping it in line with its environmental commitments.

Minorca is a Reserve of the Biosphere and is, therefore, an ideal setting for the elimination of all problems of electrocution.

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