The Talayotic village of Torralba

Friday 3 June, evening excursion on Talayotic astronomy

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How did the stars influence the decisions made by the Talayotic people? What was the religious meaning of the orientation of the areas around the taulas? Can astronomy give answers to some of the enigmas of the ancient people of the island?

The theories which are now considered in relation to these questions will be the basis of the talk given by the arqueoastonomist Peter Hochsieder on an excursion by foot to the Talayotic site of Torralba which is being organised by the Department of Culture and GOB for Friday.

This is a different sort of excursion from usual because it is programmed for the evening to avoid the heat of the day. Interested people should meet at the Plaza of Sant Climent at 18.45. The walk will start at 19.15. There is no need to put one´s name down. The itinerary will be easy walking.

It is recommended to bring a flash light and a coat for the end of the evening. It is expected to finish at 22.30 and return to San Climent by bus (3€).