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Sunday 1 December excursion to Sa Cudia Cremada

The last excursion of the year for has been organised for Sunday 1 December to see an archaeological site of great interest. This is Sa Cudia Cremada in Mahon where an enclosed taula is being excavated. Islamic, Roman and Phoenician remains have been found at this archaeological site. Current excavation gives new information relating to how the areas around the prehistoric taulas were used. Continue reading Sunday 1 December excursion to Sa Cudia Cremada

Go to see the Agora on Sustainability

An assembly room made out of straw explains how Menorca contributes to the Sustainable Development Goals. You can visit it between 18.00 to 21.00 h until 11 August. The United Nations, in 2015, approved the Sustainable Development Goals, a declaration that brings together world policies that, for the first time, consider the question of the environment as a universal matter for strategy development. Continue reading Go to see the Agora on Sustainability

Walk to Son Mercer

The Consell Insular and GOB are organising an evening walk for Saturday 1 June. It will be to the archaeological site of Son Mercer de Baix in Ferreries. Son Mercer is a village where the naviformes were inhabited during the pretalayotic period. The one known as Cova des Moro retains a roof of huge slabs held up by three pillars made with large stones, the smallest at the base and the widest at the top. Continue reading Walk to Son Mercer

The road and the government roundabouts

The subject of the half built bridges at Rafal Rubí and l’Argentina, on the section of the main road between Mahon and Alaior, reappears periodically as a reminder of the conflict which was generated during the last government term of office and has made a return during the last few days. In GOB’s opinion, the situation of paralysis which we see from the outside is based neither on the technical aspects nor on the will of the politicians. Continue reading The road and the government roundabouts

Sunday 3 February. Excursion to Binicalsitx, Binimassó and Calafi

On Sunday 3 February there will be an excursion to the archaeological sites of Binicalsitx, Binimassó and Calafi. These archaeological remains are not very well known and form part of the long list of sites of Menorca which testify to the existence of prehistoric settlements. In Bincalsitx there is an enormous talayot, at Binimassó there is a table enclosure and at Calafi there are two talayots and a small hypogeum (a subeterranean construction).

Interested people should meet at the Ferreries cemetery at 9.30 to leave at 10 am. It is a walk of low difficulty. The visit will be guided by an archaeologist. The return will be by foot to the start. It is not necessary to reserve. It is expected to end by 13.30. It is recommended to share cars with friends.

The cycle “Are we Talayotics? Life in Menorca then and now” is a programme organized jointly by the Consell Insular and GOB.