Sewage and green filters

Time to treat sewage without mains drains

It is currently being discussed if a moratorium to stop the further construction of houses in areas without mains drains can be made by the Balearic Government. In GOB we think that the problem is not only with the building of new houses, but also with the hundreds that already exist causing nitrates to enter the Minorcan aquifer each day. Continue reading Sewage and green filters

Petition to Endesa to stop the electrocution of birds

Each year dead wild birds are found at the base of some electric pylons. In particular, their design means that certain important birds are electrocuted when they perch on them. For the last twenty years, the Gesa-Endesa-Enel Company has known of the problem as well as the inexpensive way to solve it either by insulating the cables or by making a small change in the design of pylons. The profits of Endesa for 2015 rose to over 1,000 million euros. Continue reading Petition to Endesa to stop the electrocution of birds

Conscientious Ecology