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Saturday 10 June, evening excursion

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An evening excursion has been organised to end this course of Talayotic walks. In order not to walk during the heat of the day, this June excursion has been programmed for the evening. We will go and look at the magnificent remains of Torre den Galmés, which has regular ongoing excavations, and an archaeologist will give explanations of the findings and interpretations and their current conclusions. Continue reading Saturday 10 June, evening excursion

Model Tourism

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The questionnaire which the Consell Insular recently did on line about tourism in Menorca has had over 1 700 responses which will help us to reflect on where we are and where we are going.
Both the age range and the professions of the people who responded to the questionnaire are diverse. Although we cannot claim the responses to be completely representative of Minorcan society, various things stand out. Continue reading Model Tourism

Agricultural exemptions or building deregulation in the country?

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The practice of giving a picture of the farming industry as being part of the countryside and the landscape is sometimes used to mask less attractive activities. The draft of a law being drawn up by the Directorate General for Agriculture of the Balearic Government to give exemptions on conditions for buildings and agricultural facilities includes parts which appear unacceptable. Continue reading Agricultural exemptions or building deregulation in the country?