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Vitreous difficulties

Summer is the time for flies. They are creatures with surprising abilities but also with noisy limitations. The same with humans. The perception of how we can be affected differs between each of us in our respective worlds. The fly can die on a glass pane even though there is an open window alongside. As humans we are able to analyse and improve on some of our schemes that previously had been difficult to clarify. Continue reading Vitreous difficulties

Up to our Necks

Menorca has the luck to be able to foresee, to a large extent, its possible future taking into account what is happening to its neighbouring islands. Mallorca and Ibiza started the metamorphosis, and have suffered the consequences of an unlimited growth in tourism much more than has Menorca. With examples so close by it is not difficult to want to intervene where we possibly can and stop what could happen if we do not take steps. Continue reading Up to our Necks

Model Tourism

The questionnaire which the Consell Insular recently did on line about tourism in Menorca has had over 1 700 responses which will help us to reflect on where we are and where we are going.
Both the age range and the professions of the people who responded to the questionnaire are diverse. Although we cannot claim the responses to be completely representative of Minorcan society, various things stand out. Continue reading Model Tourism