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Learning how to look after the wild animals

Recently, the volunteers at the Recuperation Centre for Wild Animals have had the opportunity of some training on the handling of wild animals and giving them first aid when injured by accidents. Thanks to the commitment and dedicated altruism of many people, last year in 2016, the Centre marked a historical record by attending to more than 1000 animals. Continue reading Learning how to look after the wild animals

November synopsis

There have not been many postings this month, due to holidays. Here is a synopsis of some activities:

Premi Pere Prats awarded on 19 November

GOB elected, unanimously, Antoni Carreras, to receive the Pere Prats Prize for initiating projects which combine social employment and the environment. Working with Caritas and during the economic crisis he recognised the importance of recycling clothes and goods at Mestral. He promoted the Algendar Tree project, creating work by the conservation, for example, of its ethnological walls, irrigation channels and agricultural structures in this special farming area, and also by the reintroduction and sale of Menorcan fruit trees boosting commercial ecological cultivation. Continue reading November synopsis