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Video of a saved Red Kite

This is a video showing a red kite being released back into the wild. It had been brought in wounded to the Centre of Recuperation for Wild Animals. Red kites as a species are in danger of extinction but the heavy decline in numbers is now slowly recovering in Menorca. So, saving this bird was particularly important. Red kites are especially vulnerable to poisoning and electrocution from power lines. Continue reading Video of a saved Red Kite

Training for Volunteers of the Animals Hospital

A year on and the volunteers of the Centre for the Recuperation of Wild Animals have had some training on the handling and the first assistance to give to wild animals suffering from an accident. The volunteers are essential to the day to day running of the Centre. Thanks to their commitment and altruistic dedication of the individual volunteers the Centre helps more than 1000 animals a year. Continue reading Training for Volunteers of the Animals Hospital

A chat with Carlos Coll Pons, Chairman of GOB

[Translation of the post in isoladiminorca.com by Gloria Vanni]

When chance becomes necessity.

My connection with Carlos Coll Pons happened by chance, when I felt the need to delve into some of the reasons behind my choice to live in Menorca. Nature, climate, sea, quality of life, sustainability, protected environment are the factors that made me love it at first sight. My love then increased but you get to a point where you need other confirmations and answers. Continue reading A chat with Carlos Coll Pons, Chairman of GOB

40 years of GOB Menorca

This year, 2017, is the fortieth year since a group of young naturalists decided to take action concerning the future of Menorca. It seemed that, if nothing were done, the bird stock of the island would deteriorate irreversibly, especially in parts where the largest number of species were living. Urban growth linked to an increase in tourism was penetrating the island. Certainly, the Albufera des Grau was the clearest example. A space so valuable from the point of view of nature, was beginning to see itself affected by an urbanisation, a golf course and a project to make a sports marina. Continue reading 40 years of GOB Menorca