Video of a saved Red Kite

This is a video showing a red kite being released back into the wild. It had been brought in wounded to the Centre of Recuperation for Wild Animals. Red kites as a species are in danger of extinction but the heavy decline in numbers is now slowly recovering in Menorca. So, saving this bird was particularly important. Red kites are especially vulnerable to poisoning and electrocution from power lines. Continue reading Video of a saved Red Kite

Video: Understanding ‘Natural Gas’

Here you can see an interesting video by that explains so well why we do not agree with the implementation of Natural Gas in Menorca, apart from that, temporarily,  at the main power station in Mahon Harbour.

Gastivists: Stopping A Fossil Fuel Lock-In

We are building a movement of GAS-tivists who are organising to stop fossil gas.We have a choice to make : fossil fuels or a livable planet. It's now or never. Will you join us?Animation and Text by Kevin BucklandSound and Video Editing by Lucia ArminoMusic by Supergood www.supergood.orgSupported by Rosalux-Europa (Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung Brussels office)

Gepostet von Gastivists am Mittwoch, 28. März 2018