Another hawk shot in Menorca

Another hawk shot in Menorca

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It has happened again. GOB has made formal reports to SEPRONA (the Guardia Civil Nature Protection Service), to the Department of the Environment and to the Department of Hunting of the Island Governing Council that a hawk has been injured by shooting and is now in the GOB Recuperation Centre for Wild Animals. Nearly every year, protected animals are taken in that are victims of unscrupulous shooting. It is everyone’s job to try to identify this antisocial minority and bring to an end their shameful practice.

This is about a young female hawk, found on the side of the road, on the hilltop of Ferreries, with a broken wing. An X-ray showed some pellets in the body. The hawk had an operation and we hope that it can recover adequately.

Unfortunately, this is not an isolated case. Every year, protected animals that have been shot are brought to the Centre of Recuperation which is somewhat incredible for an island where it is assumed there is a special sensibility for the environment. Only a minority of people who shoot birds behave cruelly, yet they cause a lot of damage.

We encourage anyone who has information about this case, or any other, that they report it. For our part, we have made formal complaints to the relevant authorities in order that an investigation is undertaken and sanctions applied as provided by the law.