Menorcan local variety of pepper

Sunday 20 August, the day of Peppers at the Farmer´s Market in Mahon

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Green and red peppers put colour into our summer dishes. Now is the season and the kitchen and market gardens are full of them. They are a favourite in Menorcan cooking. So, on Sunday 20 August, farmers who are signed up to the Land Stewardship Scheme will be giving away free peppers to their clients at their market in Mahon.

The farmers’ market takes place each Sunday in the centre of Mahon (in the Carrer Nou and s’Arravaleta, just near the American Bar) and is in the walking precinct. Between them, they all have agreements signed up with GOB for the Land Stewardship Scheme, which means that they agree to manage their land in such a way that respects both the essential values of biodiversity and the countryside of Menorca.

Buying direct from the farmers not only helps to increase their profitability but also enables us to buy local, Menorcan, products.

This event takes place with the help of the Consell Insular, the Local Government Council of Menorca.